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NBA says teams must play national anthem after Dallas decline to do so

One day after the Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said he had decided not to play the national anthem before the team’s home games, the NBA says The Star-Spangled Banner must still be honoured. “With NBA teams now in the process of welcoming fans...


Depleted Nets ripped by Eastern Conference-best 76ers

The Nets had been unbeaten against the NBA’s other perceived contenders. That is until Saturday, when they got beaten and battered in Philadelphia. After a third-quarter collapse, the Nets’ undefeated mark against the league’s top teams went by the wayside...


Nets trying to head off any starting center debate

Steve Nash insists the Nets don’t have a center controversy, and wants to head off any debate before it starts. DeAndre Jordan remained the starter Friday against the Hawks, but Jarrett Allen got more playing time, which probably will continue....


Kyrie Irving is a Nets leader no matter what he says

Before the Nets opened the season against Golden State, all the attention was on Kevin Durant’s Achilles. Now with Kyrie Irving’s Christmas Day return to Boston, the scrutiny will be on the All-Star’s attitude. Irving will demure he’s not the Nets...

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