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tourniquet snake bite reddit

In Australia all our snakes use the lymphatic system to kill you so as long as you use compression bandages and stay put you'll be fine. Insurance for tough times. I guess the jury is still out on that one though? I don't have a lot of experience with this subject, but one key factor that you'll need to remember is to STAY CALM and keep your heart rate down. If a snake does bite you, look out for the symptoms of a venomous bite. Both thin your blood, which is also what the snake venom does. Last first aid course I took about 3 years ago they recommended not using them because of the risk of losing the limb from cutting off the blood supply and to just apply direct pressure to the wound instead and wait for emergency response. Arteries don't retract a huge distance when cut. Just be safe, and remember they're more afraid of you than you are of them -- most animals won't go out of their way to attack someone unless they feel very threatened. Then we finished the day with six different moulage scenarios where tourniquets were used to control bleeding from everything from workplace accidents to gunshot wounds. I recently got a CAT Gen 7 from North American Rescue with the storage case/pouch still need to learn to use it properly but hot damn just holding the CAT you can tell it's made to last. Here's what I've always been told by rangers and trail runners alike: If you're alone, the best practice is to calmly walk to a place where you can get a ride to a hospital while keeping the bitten area below your the level of your heart (it'd probably be your leg, so no worries there, eh?). We report a case of snake bite complicated by tourniquet induced ischaemic damage and rhabdomyolysis causing acute renal failure. I'll be in an 18 hour adventure race in Florida this August, and I've literally had the same thought, over and over. Age below 5 years, activity at/after the bite (playing/walking), no tourniquet, a longer bite to ASV time, presence of fang marks, neurotoxic envenomation and need for additional ASV dose were independent predictors of poor outcome in pediatric snakebite envenomation. When it comes to venomous/deadly creatures, I will always take advice from an Australian. Butt yeah, a isreal bandage is also a very usefull thing to know. Their gear is the highest quality. • Get medical help. Pit vipers are the most common venomous snakes in the United States and include all rattlesnakes. Also, don’t try to let the venom “bleed out” by cutting marks on the bite with a blade. Bringing a Sharpie and taking notes definitely get me thinking. I ended up choosing the SWAT-T. Source: Amaral CF, et al. Pay attention to the color markings, the rattle (or lack thereof) and the shape of the head. • If a victim is unable to reach medical care within 30 minutes, a bandage, wrapped two to four inches above the bite, may help slow venom. She didn't notice herself get bitten, she saw the bite on herself sometime after. What do you recommend doing when you're on a remote trail and you get bitten by a snake? The advice here is great, but as we know as trail runners in LA, cell service can often be non-existent on our trails. Thank you for posting this. Not sure. Thanks, well worth the read. At that point, you can try to keep calm and walk it out to civilization/cell service, buy a GPS emergency transceiver and be ready to push the SOS button, hope you didn't get envenomated, or just be diligent when running single-track solo. Cover the bite with a clean, dry dressing. 6.) ... saved a local elderly woman from a venomous snake bite … Between the classes I've taken in the last year and the shooting last year on Oct. 1, it's becoming harder and harder to justify leaving the house for any reason without a TQ on my belt. There's a big drop off in effectiveness between a proper TQ and one you make yourself with improvised materials. Wash the bite with soap and water. That being said, snake bite kits are silly and do not work. I live in Arizona and frequent desert trails. If you do get bit, you need to get out of there as fast as possible while keeping your heart rate low. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, While just two snake bite deaths were reported in the state since 2010, one in 2013 and one in 2015, around a fourth of those who sought assistance through the GPCC needed the antidote. It's a diminishable skill that most people get wrong at first (it's not hard, just awkward), so take 10 minutes and practice every year or so. • Do not drink any alcohol or take aspirin after a snakebite. The snakebite tourniquet is a way of treating all kinds of venoms quickly by rubbing ground buffalo gourd seeds in the wound while using the tubing to tie off the limb to inoculate against further poisoning. You shouldn't use tourniquets with snake bites. Yesterday, as required for work, I took a six-hour AED/CPR/first aid class from the American Red Cross. DON'T risk another bite by trying to capture or kill the snake. Mark the leading edge of tenderness/swelling on the skin and write the time alongside it. Being educated will help you tremendously. A common sign of a bite from a venomous snake is the presence of two puncture wounds from the animal's fangs. I mean, maybe if the limb is already severed but like a cut artery or something just reach right in there and pinch. In the past 12 months I've seen about 5 snakes on the trails, including some rattle snakes. The chances of you getting a tourniquet on before this has happened is minuscule. That was the best Amazon review I've ever read. Try using your off hand, pretend a limb is trapped, etc. Sounds like calling the park head quarters, park ranger or 911 would be the best thing to do if you're alone on a remote trail. 1 The sequence of clinical events though simulates delayed envenomation of cobra bite; important differences are bleeding from the puncture wounds, muscle spasms and no evidence of flaccidity. Seek medical attention if you are not experienced with identifying snakes. If you can take a picture or describe the snake, that's good but not essential. I know a lot of the trails in LA can be spotty with cell sevice, but if you're way out on a trail, it wouldn't be a bad idea to try getting through to 911. The Red Cross first aid advice for snake bites is: • Wash the bite with soap and water. For clarity, the retracting arteries and snake bites rule is or is not a myth? Toxicon 1998;36: 805–808. For the most part, if you aren't elderly, very young, or have a compromised immune system, you have an hour or two to get to a hospital. I was lucky enough to play with a rats a cat a softw and swat about a month ago as well which helped me make up my mind on which one i wanted to buy. NEVER handle a venomous snake, not even a dead one or its decapitated head. As long as you don't step on them, you shouldn't have an issue. The ability to be used for sprains is great too, I'm far more likely to severely injure myself due to a sprain in a remote area than suffer major bleeding. You shouldn't use tourniquets with snake bites. Key words: snake, bite, tourniquet, envenomation, venom, envenoming Introduction When a person is bitten by a snake, interventions by others at the time of the bite can in fluence the pathophysiology of the snakebite, the medical management when the patient arrives at … Pee on it and then get yourself a ride to the hospital. This can trap the venom in one spot and damage tissue. do not elevate it. Snakebite Tourniquet - cuts off the venom, no need to scavenge glands and blood. He knows what he's talking about. I am waiting until after Christmas to order mine at this point. Thanks for posting, lots of great info. Austere medicine teachers put together this beginner's guide to tourniquets. • Do not apply a constriction band or tourniquet with a belt or rope as that will cut off the circulation. The bite was so severe that Edwards was kept at Vanderbilt University Medical Center until Monday. Its sometimes tricky when running fast downhill, but you mentioned several good points to keep in mind. How do I assess a snake bite patient and tell a difference between the various types of venom? This was posted in the hiking subreddit. But the topic is back in force with the Stop The Bleed campaigns and the push to put more tourniquets in public places / increase civilian training. Try and generally stay calmish and get back to your car to get to the hospital. My mum's been bitten by a snake. I'd be dead in minutes from the adrenaline pumping the venom straight to my heart. Author information: (1)Department of Clinical Sciences, University of Papua New Guinea. We hear from medical experts the RATs should be avoided due to the design. Arteries don't retract a huge distance when cut. Mostly just keep your eyes open and be careful. Tourniquets and bleeding control took second seat behind more popular skills like CPR for a while. The best thing to do if you get but by a snake is to NOT panic, and try to write down details or take a photo of the snake. They cover what you'd learn in a local class and bust some of the sticky myths. I am super wary when I'm solo on infrequently traveled single track and I hope for the best while keeping a sharp eye out for anything that looks snake-like. 8.) Abstract & Commentary Synopsis: Tourniquets are not beneficial and should not be used in the initial management of rattlesnake bites. The United States has about 21 species of venomous snakes, which include 16 species of rattlesnakes, two species of coral snakes, 1 species of cottonmouth (or water moccasin), and two species of copperhead.At least one species of venomous snake is found in every state except Hawaii and Alaska.. Ive joined Reddit a few weeks ago, stoked to read all the different topics.

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