Battlefield 2042 early access date: EA Play, Preload and Gold early access explained

The Battlefield 2042 early access date will give gamers hungering to play the new title on PlayStation, Xbox and PC their first chance to do so.

But there will be a couple of different ways to access BF this year, some of which will require waiting around longer than others.

The good news is that everyone will be able to preload the game before all this happens, meaning there won’t be huge download queues on launch day.

EA has confirmed that Xbox users will get to start preloading the game first, followed by those using PlayStation and PC platforms.

Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S preloading starts November 6, followed by PC and PlayStation preloading on November 10.

The timings are as follows:

  • Xbox on November 6 at 12am PDT / 7am GMT
  • PlayStation on November 10 at 12am local time
  • PC on November 10 at 3am PDT / 11am GMT.

But what about all the different ways gamers will be able to access and play Battlefield 2042 over the coming months.

The best deal will be available to those who are willing to spend the most cash on playing BF before its full release date.

The Battlefield 2042 Gold or Ultimate Editions includes early access starting on Friday, November 12, 2021.

This version comes with full access to the whole game, meaning there will be no limitations when it comes to how long you can play.

Battlefield 2042 early access also begins on November 12 for those who own an EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

However, this will come in the form of a ten-hour trial, meaning that after that has been completed, you will have to wait until November 19 to play more.

EA Play is available across PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X platforms, with a version of EA Play also available on PC.

EA Play Pro costs more but will include full access to the game without the time limit put in place on console.

Meanwhile, owning Xbox Game Pass Ultimate makes it possible to play the EA Play early access trial on Xbox and PC.

Everyone who has bought the base version of the game will have to wait until November 19 to play and that covers all platforms.

A big draw for a lot of players will be having access to Battlefield Portal, a new mode that provides access to former games, as well as the ability to build new experience.

“Starting at launch, we’ll have default experiences live in-game that allow you to relive these classic maps, alongside their classic factions, equipped with the weapons, gadgets, and classes that brought them to life.

“Within Battlefield Portal, you’ll be able to jump right into those modes from inside the game, or if you prefer, you can use these experiences as starting points that you can edit to create something more personal. You can make simple edits to weapon loadouts, tag in more maps to the rotation, or you can start to tweak things as finely detailed as bullet velocity, health regen rates, and if a player takes more damage when they’re hit in the head, or to the torso.

“If you want to go all out, and start to create something truly unique, the Rules Editor will provide you the deepest level of control over the kind of Battlefield experience that you wish to create.”