Caravan & campsites reopen: UK holiday parks are low risk option says travel expert

CARAVAN and camping holidays are already looking like they’re going to be the vacation of choice this year as the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the travel and tourism sector. Now, travel risk expert Lloyd Figgins has revealed that UK holiday parks are actually a “low risk option” for British tourists this year.

Caravan parks and campsites have already been inundated with enquiries over the past few weeks as staycation spots become more popular with Britons looking for a late summer break. Currently, campsites, caravan sites and holiday parks will have to wait until July 4 to open to the public. Government guidelines on lockdown say that Britons are not allowed to stay the night anywhere other than their primary residence which includes tents, caravans and motorhomes.

However, many disagree with the governments decision to make campsites and holiday parks wait until July.

Lloyd Figgins, Chairman of the Travel Risk & Incident Prevention (TRIP) Group explains why holiday parks are such a low risk option in the face of the coronavirus crisis.

He said: “Booking a caravan or cabin at a holiday park has so many advantages which allow tourists to enjoy a holiday, while being able to comply with the governments COVID-19 recommendations.

“For a start, social distancing can be maintained as each unit has its own plot, allowing you and your family to avoid coming into contact with those outside your bubble.

“As opposed to hotels, you wont have to do the two metre shuffle as you walk down a corridor to get to your room.

“With everything included within the four walls of your holiday park rental your holiday can be exactly as safe as being at home.

“Theres also the advantage that many holiday parks are situated in stunning locations, allowing you to get outside and enjoy the countryside or nearby beach, while still being able to maintain social distancing.”

Andrew Howe, CEO of Bridge Leisure, a UK holiday park company, said that holiday parks are safe and low risk.

“Safety is paramount, and no one wants to do anything to put anyone at risk.

“We have been working hard behind the scenes with our sectors trade associations to ensure owners and holiday makers can enjoy our parks knowing we have put measures in place to keep them safe.

“The TRIP Group are critical partners to us and believe that the very nature of holiday parks and the steps we have taken make them a safe and low risk option for those wanting to get away.

“We have always talked about our holiday parks being a home away from home and thats why they provide such a good option for people who are nervous about going on holiday again.

“We are ready to welcome people back to our parks as soon as we get the go ahead from Government, but people will need to be prepared that some things will have changed since they last stayed at a holiday park.”

“We will be offering a contact free check in procedure, we can offer takeaway services, our park shops can open replicating all the safety precautions you will see in your local supermarkets and we have various options for table service and app ordering in our bars and restaurants when it is safe to open them again.

“The important thing is that the self-contained accommodation on a holiday park provides a safe place for family and friends to reunite once again and explore the fantastic locations surrounding the parks.

“It really is the same as being at home but with a different view out of the window.”

Mr Figgins, who is the author of The Travel Survival Guide said he thinks holiday parks are the best option for Britons hoping to go away on holiday this year.

Mr Figgins added: “Holiday parks offer tourists the opportunity for a low-risk, high-reward break.

“I would have no hesitation in choosing a vacation at a holiday park and I think it offers the best option for those looking to get away safely and having that change of scenery we all need and deserve as lockdown measures are eased.

“The sooner they are open the better.”