Paul Jubb ready to show his ‘fire’ after joining Andy Murray’s agency

Paul Jubb is ready to become professional and use Andy Murray as a mentor.

Paul Jubb says tapping into the vast experience of Andy Murray was behind his decision to link up with the former world No 1’s 77 sports management agency.

Paul Jubb came to prominence last summer when he received a wildcard at Wimbledon before losing to Joao Sousa in the first round in four sets.

The 20-year-old then became the first British player to win the NCAA mens singles title in 2019 and opted to stay in college in the US.

But the youngster from Hull is now set to turn professional and move to London after being included in the LTA’s Pro Scholarship Programme.

Murray’s agency already has British tennis players Katie Swan and Aidan McHugh on their roster and young Athletics stars Shannon and Cheriece Hylton.

Jubb, who was raised by his grandmother Valerie in Hull after his parents died when he was a child, left home as a teenager to study in America and play tennis.

He is now the latest name to join the stable and the world No 519 is eager to bring the same level of passion to court that helped Murray to win three Grand Slam titles and two Olympic gold medals.

“Its always been an aspect that has drawn me to Andy because I love that fire that he has,” he said.

“Its something different – the passion that he has for the game, the will to win, it just comes out of him when he is playing.

“A lot of people talk about the complaining he does on court but it just shows how much he cares and I love that fire about him.

“He is not dull to watch. Thats certainly an aspect that draws me to him the most.

“You see how far he is willing to go to win. You see how big his heart is when he is playing. He puts all of his emotions into it.

“Thats how it should be. If you really want it, then youre gonna have lots of emotions, so to me it shows how bad he wants which I really like about him.

“Now I can use him as a source of knowledge and use his brain to try and help me on the tennis court. I’m definitely super excited.”

Murray added: “Were delighted he chose to sign with us as he starts on his journey as a professional tennis player.

“Hes got a great mindset and work ethic, Im looking forward to helping him develop as an athlete in any way I can.”