Keep it cool dad! Coco Gauff corrects her dad after he curses on live TV

Coco Gauff's dad, Corey, was wearing a microphone at the Auckland Open when he let the word "damn" slip as he was coaching her up courtside.The 15-year-old American tennis star let him go on for a second before she corrected him. "You can't curse," she said, holding back a laugh. "Did I curse? I said no, it was real weak…" Corey responded. Coco informed him he said the "d-word," leading him to apologize into his mic for those watching at home."Oh well, that don't even count!" he said."In some places it does…" she reminded him. They got back to game talk after having a short laugh about the whole thing. Coco went on to win the set against Laura Siegemund 7-5, but lost the next two 6-2, 6-3 to lose the Round of 16 match knRead More – Source