People are highly distressed because they cant find Cadburys Orange Twirl in shops

People are distraught (Picture: Cadbury)

If you were as excited as we were about the Cadbury Twirl Orange release, brace yourself.

The limited-edition product has only been on shelves since 23 September and it already seems to be sold out in certain areas.

The orange chocolate-y goodness only costs 65p per two-finger pack, so were not all that surprised that theyre hard to find, but some disappointed shoppers claim it isnt just hard to find – but nowhere to be seen.

Many have taken to social media to express their frustration and to demand answers.

Are the orange twirls a myth @CadburyUK? They dont seem to have made it to Swansea yet? #cadbury #orangetwirl

— Robbie Meacham (@ROB_MEACH) October 4, 2019

Hey @CadburyUK please can you advise where in the SN15 area i can get an orange twirl? Myself and my work colleagues have look everywhere!! As a team of Cadburys lovers we are highly distressed ?

— Stace ? (@StaceyLVincent) October 3, 2019

Im convinced this Cadburys orange twirl isnt even really a thing because I cannot find it anywhere!?? @CadburyUK #golddust

— Zoe Louise Stokes? (@zoestokesxx) September 29, 2019

The local Co-op are teasing me with the labels for #orangetwirl but none to be seen! #cadbury #chocolate @coopuk

— Artful Badger (@BadgerArtful) October 2, 2019



However, it does exist and some lucky shoppers have managed to find the product which, apparently, is absolutely scrumptious.

One shopper even begged Cadbury to keep it on as a permanent addition and tweeted: Just tried one of these beauties! Please keep them PERMANENTLY! They are better than Terrys Chocolate Orange.

They are quite delicious. Yummers!, tweeted someone else.

People are so desperate to try it, some are even signing up to a waiting list at a local corner shop that is waiting on more deliveries.

Orange Twirl update. Neil in the corner shop has a couple of boxes on order but theres a waiting list. Cadbury have struggled to cope with the demand. More news as we get it

— Tony Rivers (@TonyRivers1927) Read More – Source