This is why you should be pairing white wine with cheese

Cheese producers themselves, particularly in France, often see white wine as the better accompaniment (Picture: Lidl)

We all know the rules when it comes to wine.

White wine with fish. Red wine with steak. White wine in warm weather. Red wine in the winter by an open fire.

But what if we tore the rule book up and told you that everything you thought you knew about wine pairings was wrong? Prepare to have your mind blown.

White wine can be paired perfectly with cheese. And it can taste really, really good. Honestly.

The unconventional pairing is so good in fact that Lidl has revealed the best cheeses to pair with a selection of French white wines from its Wine Tour selection – which launches on the 26th September.

white wine with cheese
Apparently sweet white wines are perfect with a salty blue. (Picture: Lidl)

If youre struggling to get on board with the thought of eating a slice of creamy blue with a cold glass of white – you dont have to just take our word for it. The experts insist that its a match made in heaven.



Although many think that its red wine that goes hand in hand with cheese, cheese producers themselves, particularly in France, often see white wine as the better accompaniment – especially for the creamier variants such as brie and camembert, explains Lidls waster of wine Richard Bampfield.

This is because dry white wines tend to have that extra twist of zest and freshness which cuts through the creaminess of the cheese.

And indeed sweeter white wines are often the perfect foil to the saltiness found in many blue cheeses.

Bampfield suggests pairing a glass of Jurançon with a Harrogate Blue. This wine is apparently sweet yet mouth-watering, with notes of honey and quince, ideal to pair with a strong blue cheese.

If blues not your thing – try the Roussanne Domaine du Grand Selve with Boy Laity Cornish Camembert, or Côtes du Rhône with a White Fox White Leicester.

White wine and cheese could be the perfect weekend treat if you want a touch of decadence but arenRead More – Source