Super Nintendo World theme park opens next spring, in time for Tokyo Olympics

Super Nintendo World CGI trailer

Super Nintendo World – the Mushroom Kingdom comes to life

Never mind the Olympics, the best reason to visit Japan next year could end up being the real-life Nintendo World at Universal Studios.

The Mushroom Kingdom is set to open its doors to visitors in just a few months time, as Universal Studios Japan plans to launch its Super Nintendo World attraction in spring 2020.

The deal with Nintendo dates all the way back to 2014 and the leaks and hints as to what itll look like have actually been very encouraging.

Two rides will be up and running at first: a Mario Kart ride and Yoshis Adventure. You can see both of these in the leaked model shot below – the Mario Kart entrance is Bowsers castle and Yoshis Adventure is set around the mountain on the right.

Super Nintendo World model

Super Nintendo World – welcome to Jurassic Park, no wait…

Although theres no details on how the Mario Kart ride works Yoshis Adventure has been leaked in detail and involves an omnimover (basically a slow moving roller-coaster seat that turns around as you go) made to look like a yoshi.



According to fansite Orlando ParkStop you can ride around the mountain and look down on the whole park, plus there will be over 40 animatronics. So theyve spared no expense.

Yoshi's Adventure map

Yoshis Adventure looks pretty great actually (pic: Orlando ParkStop)

As well as the rides visitors will have special wristbands that will allow them to interact with things in the park and play mini-games, which we imagine is going to lead to a lot of block bashing and goomba stomping.

Apparently, this is involved enough that it will work with your game console which presumably means the Switch, although it could just be an app for your phone.

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