Someones made sweet ramen noodles using milk and people are horrified

Would you eat ramen with milk? (Picture: YouTube/hemanshis world)

When it comes to mixing food, people have strong opinions.

Sometimes weird food mixes work. Pringles flavoured ramen got all the yeses after a Japanese company started offering it online.

But even the instant pots with slightly out-there flavours are made with piping hot water… not milk.

One woman unencumbered by tradition decided to try making ramen with milk instead of water and naturally, people have thoughts.

YouTube channel Hemanshis World released a video cooking Maggi noodles in the dairy mixture two years ago.

People on social media recently stumbled upon the creation and expressed their horror. Many were enraged by the simple swap and one person even called for an exorcism of the recipe.

Tough crowd.


The video has circulated on Twitter and Instagram, which has caused a resurgence of views.

In the video, Hemanshi, who has more than 700,000 subscribers, is seen skipping the spices that come with the noodles and adding in her own ingredients, such as rose flavouring.



She mixes a full mug of milk with half a cup of water and two packets of Maggi. Hemanshi explains that the staple is popular in her household and that followers can substitute rose flavouring for whatever takes their fancy.

A generous helping of sweetened condensed milk is added to the pot to make the noodles creamy. Hemanshi then adds finishing touches with rose petals.

The finished product - ramen in milk
The finished product (Picture: YouTube/hemanshis world)

But its unlikely that many Twitter users are going to be reaching for the condensed milk and ramen to satisfy hunger pangs, considering the reaction to the dish.

One person wrote online: Yuck, how do I unsee this? while another said: I am genuinely concerned for her family.

Another went to a lot of detail to describe her dismay: You missed the last step. Double bag this rubbish, dig a grave 20 feet deep, set this on fire and throw it in. When its burnt, pour water, fill the grave and then call priests to purify the spot.

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