Posh hotel for cats gives feline guests spa treatments and caviar

One of the residents at the Lawlor Cat Hotel in Brentwood Essex

The Lawlor Cat Hotel in Brentwood, Essex, provides a luxury stay for feline friends (Picture: James Linsell-Clark/ SWNS)

Cat parents, weve found another way for you to spend all your money on your furry pal.

Lawlor Cat Hotel is a cattery thats far fancier than the usual, providing cats with a five-star stay and luxurious treats.

Its located in the heart of the Essex countryside, to give kitties a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, and is made up of two houses – the Coach House and the Lodge – with 23 suites for feline guests.

Each suite has all the posh bits your cat would demand. There are floor-to-ceiling windows so they can watch the world go by, a sofa, a bunk bed, a litter tray, and flowers in plastic milk bottles for decoration.

Food-wise, the options are far more exciting than standard kibble.

One of the rooms art the Lawlor Cat Hotel in Brentwood Essex

Heres one of the suites, complete with a sofa and a bunkbed (Picture: James Linsell-Clark/ SWNS)

For £3 a dish, owners can order their cats smoked salmon, Dublin Bay king prawn, or cream cheese and caviar canapes at the fish bar, or they can take their pick from delicious meals prepared in the restaurant, including griddles seabass, sauteed tiger prawns, and bacon-wrapped monkfish.



If your cat is really fancy, they can even tuck into a portion of beluga caviar for around £3.50 per gram – or £160 for 50g.

Once your cat is done lounging around and eating food far better than what youre eating at home, they can head along to the hotel spa, where de-matting and grooming costs £45, a lion cut costs £85, or a Brazilian hygiene clip is £65.

The Spa room at The Lawlor Cat Hotel in Brentwood Essex

Guests can enjoy treatments at the spa (Picture: James Linsell-Clark/ SWNS

The Lawlor Cat Hotel in Brentwood Essex

Its all part of giving cats a relaxing retreat (Picture: James Linsell-Clark/ SWNS)

Owners with separation anxiety can also pay £5 a day to check in with their cat while theyre away, thanks to CCTV installed in every suite.

The luxurious hotel is the creation of Jane Lawlor, 48, who, along with manager Kim Wooding, cleans each suite in the morning and checksw the rooms around lunchtime, then spending a minimum of 10 minutes with each cat guest to make sure theyre happy and cared for.

Jane first bought a house in Brentwood, Essex, and converted the outhouse on the plot into the Coach House, with eight suites.

She then had a second, larger cattery built next to the original; The Lodge, containing 15 suites.

Harry the cat takes a rest on a leather chair at the Lawlor Cat Hotel in Brentwood Essex

Stays start at £25 per night (Picfture: James Linsell-Clark/ SWNS)

Jane, who owns two cats, two dogs, and two horses, said the cattery started as a get-away for local cats, but now attracts cat owners within a 30 mile radius.

She added that Lawlor Cat Hotel even hires a limo service – a Mercedes Saloon – to chauffeur city cats out to the countryside.



Suites costs between £20 and £25 per day, with a minimum three-day stay.

The bar and reception and bar at the Lawlor Cat Hotel in Brentwood Essex

The bar and reception (Picture: James Linsell-Clark/ SWNS)

Jane said: I worked in banking for a time, and qualified as an accountant too.

But I left that when I was 30 and went on to set up Lawlor Cat Hotel three years ago, which has been a dream come true.