PES 2020 suffering launch issues – Konami offers myClub coins as compensation

Football player Messi in game PES 202 is about to take a shot at goal

(Picture: Konami)

Konamis rival to FIFA 20 was released two days ago, so why are the servers still unavailable?

PES 2020 launched on 10 September, but has had a myriad of pressing issues with its launch. The biggest problem is that users are complaining that the servers are unavailable, so they cannot play online at all.

An update has just been released though and servers should be back up and running now, although well have to see how long that lasts.

That is not the only trouble though, the player and team lists in the game are all wrong and that hasnt been updated either, so Konami is offering compensation of 500 free myClub coins to all players if they have finished the tutorial by Thursday, 12 September.

Konami do things very strangely. Game released two days ago. Launch trailer went live this morning. Transfer update not live yet and servers are currently unavailable. On 'launch' day. ?

— Jay Jaffa (@jayjaffa) September 12, 2019



Another odd thing to note is that the launch trailer for PES 2020 went live six hours ago, but the game launched two days ago – which seems like the wrong way round.

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