Pasta lovers assemble as London finally gets its very own Italian food hall

Munch on pasta, pizza, cured meats, cheese, olive oil and more (Picture: Getty)

If Italian food makes you go weak at the knees, sit yourself down because we have big news.

Eataly, the international marketplace and franchise of Italian cuisine, has finally decided to open up a flagship food hall in London.

The 42,000 sq ft site is located in Broadgate and will open in 2020, though the exact date is yet to be confirmed.

Munch on pasta, pizza, gelato, smoked cheese, cured meats and olive oil in myriads of restaurants and bars, or pop into the on-site production laboratory.

Theres also a cooking school, for those who want to learn how to make arancini balls, get the creamy risotto just right or take their spag bol to the next level.

For inspiration, take a course, sign up for a guided tasting event or watch the chefs work their magic.

Eataly already has 40 stores across the globe, including its home country, as well as New York City, Munich and Stockholm, to mention a few.



Eatalys original idea is very simple, a statement from the company sent to Eater reads.

To gather all the high-quality Italian foods under one roof, where you can eat, shop and learn.

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The food hall will be modelled after Londons Borough Market, but will only feature items and dishes from Italy, and will embody the friendly, lively atmosphere that the country is known for.

In addition to dining, you will also be able to purchase food products to take home and recipe books to work off from.

Next year cant come soon enough.

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