McDonalds launches Galaxy McFlurry with salted caramel sauce

We cant wait to try it (Picture: McDonalds)

Attention, fast food lovers: McDonalds is introducing a new McFlurry to its ice cream range: The Galaxy Salted Caramel McFlurry.

It sounds amazing, we know.

The new McFlurry features chunks of Galaxy chocolate and salted caramel sauce mixed into their signature whippy ice cream.

The ice cream will be available to order in stores and through the McDonalds app from next Wednesday, 25 September.

However, this new ice cream wont be a permanent addition, sadly.

Its only around for eight weeks – so you better act fast if you want to get your hands on it.

The new Galaxy McFlurry will sit alongside the Mars, Twix and Malteser ice creams, and will be McDonalds first ever salted caramel dessert.

The new Mcflurry
Doesnt it look amazing? (Picture: McDonalds)

But this doesnt make it any more expensive than usual, dont worry – as a mini version of the ice cream costs 99p and a regular version is just £1.39.



And, from next week, McFlurries will be coming in new packaging to save 300 tonnes of plastic from going to landfills.

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The new McFlurry pot will be made from carton board, which is recyclable – however there will still be plastic spoons for now.

But of course, if you wanted to be extra helpful you could always carry yourRead More – Source