Lindt is launching a milk chocolate Lindor with white chocolate centre for Christmas

The new milk and white version (Picture: Getty/Lindt)

Lindt is launching a new flavour of Lindor chocolates and honestly, we cant wait to have these under the tree this Christmas.

The limited-edition chocolates include the delicious Lindt chocolate shell with a creamy white chocolate truffle centre.

Of course, white chocolate Lindor balls have been around for a while but this time its the mix of both milk and white that makes them special.

The new flavour, which is just for the festive season, comes in a 200g box.

The website for the Swiss chocolate brand says: This Christmas, indulge in Lindor Milk with White truffles – delicious Lindt milk chocolate enrobing delectably smooth white centres.

Perfect for sharing, entertaining and gift giving.

Well probably just keep them all for ourselves, to be honest.

If you want to pick up a packet, they are currently on offer at Tesco for £4.



The chocolates were spotted by uknewfood on Instagram and people were excited to try them.

One tagged a friend and said: please get me these.

Lindt isnt the only chocolate brand embracing white chocolate this year.

In August, we revealed that Malteasers is releasing a white chocolate version of their truffles.

And in Septemeber, Cadbury launched a whole new white chocolate range, featuring white chocolate bars, giant buttons and Freddo Treasures.

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The range is only available at Asda but it looks great.

Other big white chocolate releases in 2019 include Read More – Source