KFC releases a fried chicken and doughnut sandwich

The new chicken and doughnut sandwich (Picture: KFC)

Fried chicken is good. Doughnuts are good. But does that mean we should have both at the same time?

Whether youre behind the combination or not, KFC is doing it.

Yes, the fast-food chain is trialling a new sandwich made up of a crispy chicken fillet, seasoned with the secret blend of herbs and spices of course, sandwiched between two sweet glazed doughnuts.

Right now its only available in a select few restaurants in the U.S. but if it goes well, it could be served nationwide.

We can only hope that some day, itll even be available here in the UK so we can try it.

KFC chicken and doughnut sandwich
Sadly its not available in the UK just yet (Picture: KFC)

Apparently, the final recipes are still being tested so KFC hasnt released the nutritional information yet but this dish sounds like it might be one to keep as an occasional treat.



The chicken and doughnuts sandwich is available for $7.50 (£6.01) or you can have the basket option – chicken on the bone or tenders with one doughnut $5.50 (£4.41).

You can also add an additional doughnut to any order for $1 (£80).

Although the doughnut burger isnt coming to our shores just yet, the chain is shaking things up with some new things on the menu this year.

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