Ketchup might be the answer to getting rusty furniture squeaky clean

A quick scrub with ketchup can clear rust and water stains (Picture: Facebook)

Weve all come across food items doubling as cleaning products… which often makes us worry exactly what those things are doing to our insides (Coke, were looking at you).

Theres an appeal to multi-purpose tools, whether its a bathtub that helps to clean greasy oven trays or a pumice stone that gets animal hair out of the carpet.

The latest hack (though its been around for some time) is using ketchup to clean rust and other stains off steel furniture.

Shared by Facebook user Jo Nichol, images show a stool before and after being rubbed with tomato ketchup.

The hack, shared on Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning tips, racked up 1,200 likes and more than 5,000 comments.

In the post, Jo wrote: Before and after with the ketchup, five-minute job, amazing.

People have called the trick amazing and brilliant.

Breakfast stool covered in rust and stains
Before (Picture: Facebook)

A few people worried about ingesting something that can clean steel, saying: doesnt this make you think, what does ketchup do to our guts and worries me what we put in our bodies.



One person claimed that the condiment is generally useful for cleaning, commenting: Ketchup is also good for cleaning stainless steel sink draining boards.

Kitchen stool clean and shiny after using a ketchup scrub
And after (Picture: Facebook)

So what exactly about the red stuff makes it a good product to use?

Ketchup has acetic acid content of around 4%, from the vinegar used in the recipe. Thanks to its high viscosity (the gloopiness) its great for shining brass, copper and silverware.

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