Influencer couple who had a seven-day long proposal mocked for engagement ring

Couple being proposed to in front of Eiffel Tower

What do you think of this ring? (Picture: laurag_143)

Travel blogger Laura G and her boyfriend Dhar Mann celebrated their wedding proposal the only influencers know how – by being extra.

Dont worry, the Youtube and Instagram bloggers were open about the grand occasion, which lasted seven days.

Dharr, from California, planned a series of luxury activities before he got down on one knee and popped the question in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Before that though, he fitted in a trip to Disneyland, lots of pampering sessions, and even bought a Los Angeles home for his new bride-to-be. As you do.

But followers of their millions-strong empire couldnt look past the diamond-studded engagement ring.

When news of the engagement reached Facebook group Thats It, Im Ring Shaming, users were quick to call the ring tacky and fake.

One person commented: It looks like something I would have received as part of a prize at an arcade when I was five and would wear for a week until the ring part snapped.



Another asked whether she was trying to be like the Kardashians with the atrocious ring.

Tough crowd.

Others also criticised the week-long wedding proposal, saying: All that for something I can get out of my daughters toy box?.

During the celebrations, Dharr organised a scavenger hunt that started in LA and ended in Paris (lucky girl, if shes into that sort of thing).

On their YouTube channel, he explained the process, saying: Its not easy getting anything past Laura, I knew she knew I was going to propose soon but she didnt know how I was going to do it, where I was going to do it, or exactly which moment.

But he managed to pull it off, proposing alongside a plethora of candles while an orchestra set the mood. And of course, she said yes.

Each day of the seven-day proposal

  • Day one – Dhar put a blindfold on Laura and surprised her with their new home.
  • Day two – Got permission from her parents to marry her and then sent them on a spa day with Laura/surprise party with friends
  • Day three – Shopping spree in Beverly Hills
  • Day four – Disneyland
  • Day five – Paris
  • Day six – Fancy hotel room surprise in front of Eiffel Tower
  • Day seven – Proposal (finally)