Giratina raid returns to Pokémon GO – plus shiny altered forme Giratina

Legendary Pokemon Giratina

Do you want to catch the shiny of altered forme Giratina? (Picture: The Pokémon Company)

Pokémon GO is bringing back Giratina for a raid next week, and if youre lucky you might catch yourself a shiny version.

Following Mewtwos departure from the game, Niantic needed another legendary pokémon to carry on his mantle, so starting from Monday, 23 September Giratina is making a comeback in a five-star raid.

Thats not all though, for the first time you may be able to encounter and catch a shiny Giratina. The event doesnt end until the 17 October, so theres plenty of time to try and get that special variant.

This time round the renegade Giratina is in his altered forme, which means he looks different and has an improvement in defensive stats, but his weaknesses all stay the same.

Altered Forme Giratina has returned! Step up to the challenge by encountering one in a nearby five-star raid! If youre lucky, you might encounter a Shiny Altered Forme Giratina! ✨

— Pokémon GO (@PokemonGoApp) September 23, 2019



The powerful pokémon is a ghost and dragon type, so make sure you bring along plenty of ghost, ice, fairy, dark and dragon-type pokémon and attacks, as he has many weaknesses.

However, unless you want a challenge, leave behind normal, poison, water, fighting, grass, and bug type pokémon as he is very resistant to all of these.

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The best pokémon for fighting altered forme Giratina

Rayquaza – if you were lucky enough to catch one a few months back this will be perfect against Giratina as Raquaza has two dragon-type moves and packs a real punch.

Gengar equipped with two ghost type moves will definitely come in handy.

Mamoswine, the ice type pokémon, will be super effective against Giratina, just make sure hes got some ice type moves.

To make the raid a bit easier, other raid bosses have been changed so they also have some of Giratinas weaknesses, i.e. dark and ghost type.

The raid events last up until 1 PM on 17 October.

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