Ghost Recon Breakpoint release date, PC, open beta and all you need to know

Four players in an armoured car in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Anyone fancy laps? (Picture: Ubisoft)

Ubisofts latest Tom Clancy game is Ghost Recon Breakpoint, a follow-up to Wildlands, but what exactly do we know about it?

Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Breakpoint is an online tactical shooting video game developed by Ubisoft Paris and published by Ubisoft.

Set on a fictional island called Auroa, you take control of Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Nomad Perryman, a special forces operative tasked with investigating disturbing rumours involving Skell technology – a military contractor based on Auroa.

Here is everything we know about Ghost Recon Breakpoint.


When is the Ghost Recon Breakpoint open beta?

A public beta is happening at the end of September on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Epic Games Store, so click here if you want to know the exact dates and info.

What is Ghost Recon Breakpoint?

Breakpoint is a direct sequel to Wildlands and is a military shooter with a heavy emphasis on survival. Youll have to adapt to the harsh elements around you, such as tough terrain like steep slopes covered with snow or traversing through strong currents of water.



The game is played from a mainly third person perspective but with an optional first person view; when you are exploring the primary view is third person, but when aiming weapons you can shift into first person – which is better for precision shooting.

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Seamless co-op is also available – so whether you want to play alone or with three friends is entirely up to you, especially now with drop-in drop-out gameplay.


There are also competitive online multiplayer modes, for you to enter solo or once again team-up with up to three additional friends in a four vs. four game mode called Ghost Wars.


There are a lot of customisation options within Breakpoint, from your appearance to skills, with numerous combinations of gear and upgradeable weapons. But how do you get this stuff?

To become the best of the best, you need to acquire loot. Loot can be found throughout the island of Auroa and drops from defeated mini-bosses or other difficult foes. There are five levels of rarity, so no doubt youll spend a lot of time replaying missions to acquire those better upgrades.


Whats new in Ghost Recon Breakpoint?


A range of classes are available in-game to support which play style you prefer: stealth, range, or assault.

You can become a Sharpshooter, for those players who like to dispatch their foes from afar.



The Assault class allows you to be the person everyone relies on in a massive firefight.

Or you can be a Panther and rely on stealth and picking off enemy targets without them realising.

Injury System

There is a new injury system in the game, so taking fire really does a number on you (like it should). As you take damage you can sustain different injuries, which slows you down and reduces how effective you are in combat. Patching yourself up is vital to maintain your peak performance, but it takes time and resources to get back into the fight.


A camping feature is now part of the game, where you can manage your equipment, class, and weaponry in your camp bivouac. Heal yourself up, plan and earn some respite.


Youll continuously be battling the elements, from sliding down slopes, wading through water and ploughing through deep snow, but why not use it to your advantage? It doesnt always have to be a hindrance.

Leave no man behind

When an ally is down and in need of medical attention the middle of an ongoing firefight is not the best location to give aid. Now you can quickly sling them over your shoulder and get them to safety, to help them back on their feet.


What is the Ghost Recon Breakpoint release date?

Breakpoint releases on 4 October on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. For those that purchase special editions you can play the game three days early on the 1 October.


Are there any special editions of Ghost Recon Breakpoint?

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Standard Edition – console

  • Cost: £59.99 (£49.99 on PC)
  • Where to pre-order?
  • Pre-order bonus
    • Sentinel Corp. Pack

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