Games Inbox: Too many video game remakes, Borderlands 3 disappointment, and Astral Chain love

The problem with so many of the complaints Ive seen about Super Mario Odyssey is they usually apply at least as much to the previous games, but the fair and equal comparables in the supposedly superior games tend to be conveniently ignored.

Uninspired worlds? Its unfortunate that variations on a space theme merged with grass, ice, and lava worlds should be deemed more inspired than Marios take on Dark Souls, Alice in Wonderland, Japanese foIklore, Fifties New York, and many more. Id say the same thing to address the aesthetics argument, especially in reference to the varied and interesting musical styles, including – but this time not limited to – fantastic sweeping orchestral pieces.

As for over-used and endlessly recycled ideas, one standout issue I had with the Galaxies was the boring sections where you point and click on those tiresome blue blobs to drag Mario through obstacles in a relatively slow, uninteractive way.

But theres also the concern that the Galaxies go too far in the opposite direction, under-utilising so many great ideas to the point where the player struggles to remember they happened. Its impressive how Nintendo quickly abandons concepts that could form an entire game but theres also merit in giving them time to cook a little as well.

I really dont understand the issue with the 2D Odyssey sections. I found them to be brief, charming, smart and more appropriate to the tone and motives of the game. Importantly, theyre also fenced off from most of the 3D content. One of the reasons Odyssey felt so fresh to me was because despite functioning as a celebration of the series history I didnt feel like Nintendo were constantly trying to pull the whole series back to 2D like they seemed to be doing with Galaxy and 3D World. That front is already more than well-tended to in past and present.

I discussed the moon reward structure in my own feature (here and here) but the reason you can buy moons in shops is specifically to avoid having to do the very ones Ciara has a problem with. Those moons are there to extend an experience some of us dont want to end but, rather than pretend they constitute the spirit and design of the overall game, if you strip them out and focus only on the ones that dont involve collectathons, youve got a refined 20+ hour experience thats probably still more substantial than any 3D Mario before it. I get the argument that removing seeminglRead More – Source