Games Inbox: The secret of PS4s success, Death Stranding overload, and Blair Witch on Xbox Game Pass

Regarding Battras letter bemoaning the lack of scary games coming out; I recently took advantage of the 2 months for £2 Xbox Game Pass offer for new signees, specifically to play Blair Witch… and Im absolutely loving it. Had heard all kinds of horror stories about how it runs on Xbox and you can tell it isnt the worlds best optimised game, not by a long shot – but what it lacks in technical polish it more than makes up for in atmosphere and that, to me, is the entire raison detre for this type of game.

The dogs behaviour is wholly believable (even down to periodically cocking his leg up!) and its fair to say I cant remember the last time I felt such a strong connection to a digital character. And if the graphics, though still pretty decent, arent perhaps all they should have been, the audio is incredible. Play this as its meant to be played – in the dark, headphones on – and youll be completely immersed.

Is it scary? I have to admit, for me, it isnt, particularly. Nor is it especially challenging, though there are the odd moments where you find yourself wandering around, wondering what the hell to do next. But, in my opinion, as far as building a world and creating an atmosphere goes – and as a film adaptation – its right up there with the likes of Alien Isolation.

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