Games Inbox: Next gen video game controllers, GTA V six year anniversary, and Borderlands 3 love

I cant believe that Grand Theft Auto V is six years old this month and its still in the top 10 of the UK sales chart and has barely been out of it. I dont think any game has ever done anything similar to that and yet theres a very good chance itll get remastered for the next gen and probably carry on being just as popular in that.

Its obvious why its so popular, and its all to do more with the setting and the freedom than the gameplay, but even though I only played the story and barely touched GTA Online I cant say I really resent it any of its success. Its achieved everything it set out to do and clearly it has millions and millions of satisfied players.

Its up there with Minecraft in terms of the number of sales and players and yet is a pure video game that shouldnt be played by kid, which should limit its audience but somehow doesnt. Other games must be wondering what theyre doing and I find it very interesting that there are so few GTA clones out there nowadays.

Theres open world games, sure, but very few that try to copy GTAs real world setting and gangster themes. Its like they know theyll never be able to do things Read More – Source