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An interesting read about all the differences in the Final Fantasy VII Remake, especially the Wutai war that actually seems to be possibly happening as you play the new game – as opposed to just hearing about it in the PS1 original.

Got to admit that out of a variety of sub-plots I could have imagined from the game, I did not expect them to delve deeper into the wartime one. With most of the action happening in Midgar for the first part of the remake, I can think of a few other intriguing situations that could be extended upon.

To be honest, there are a lot of small side-quests in the Midgar sector slums alone. For example, the Honey Bee Inn and some of the unusual choices in there once you have the members card. Also, the meeting of a possible Sephiroth/J.E.N.O.V.A clone in a Sector 5 township living in a pipe or something. I think there was supposed to have been a larger storyline regarding this clone, but due to time restrictions it was not extended upon. But now could be a very good time to explore this character a little deeper.

They say that most of Midgar can be explored which is pretty impressive and getting around on the train network will be fun, seeing more of the top side of the city. There are a lot of things which could be explored here, like the SOLDIER barracks with the shopping, business, and industrial districts looking like fantastic places to visit also. When the camera zooms away from the city in the opening sequence, you notice a lot of detail in each section of the city and if all that is to be expanded upon and explored properly, then you could literally get involved in a great many new back stories and side quests.

Midgar originally took me around six hours to complete and when you do manage to get out of the city the quest has only just begun! We have the whole of Gaia next, all leading up to the Northern Cave and everything in-between. How much budget will be thrown into the rest of the world with all its various towns and villages, key storyline locations and other places of interest like the Shinra Mansion in NibeRead More – Source