Fortnite looks like its getting a new map for Season 11

Fortnite season 10 teaser showing dusty depot

Season X is almost over, but big changes seem to be in store for the next season (Picture: Epic Games)

Fortnite has once again been datamined by fans and theyve unearthed a few pieces of code that might mean a new map is happening.

Can you believe that its been over two years since Fortnite first came out? More than 24 months have gone by and it still only has the same map, albeit sometimes heavily modified. But signs are pointing towards big changes in the future.

Although the basic layout has remained the same the map has undergone constant change, with areas being removed or altered during each season.

In Season X time has been frozen, in order to give the mysterious Visitor time to come up with a solution for the islands dire problems – namely, the exploding of Zero Point and the comet hovering over Dusty Depot. However, with the season coming to a close the story needs to move on.

Gonna go ahead and say a new map is likely, or atleast a massively changed one

Kinda proof is in the reply to this

— Lucas7yoshi // Fortnite Leaks (@Lucas7yoshi) September 11, 2019



A well-known dataminer for Fortnite, called Lucas7Yoshi, has found several named locations that are not on the current map, and there so many it seems like it could only mean either a new map or a complete revamp for the old one.

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A different dataminer has also found a loading screen for Season Xs finale, with characters waving goodbye to the battle bus as it flies away into the sky. Usually, that wouldnt seem particularly significant, but the image is titled Last stop, Thank you, Bus Driver!


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