Fortnite is joining the Area 51 raid with a weird looking alien skin suggests leak

Fortnite avatars posing

Fortnite will always receive new aesthetic costume updates (Picture: Epic Games)

Fortnite has always been a good source of work for dataminers and now they seem to have discovered a couple of cool new skins.

A popular Fortnite dataminer known as s1l0x has unearthed a pair of new skins which look like theyre going to be added to the battle royale very soon. One skin in particular is undoubtedly meant as a reference to the supposed raid of Area 51.

Thousands of people have pledged to storm the highly classified military base – popularly assumed to house crashed alien spacecraft – after a Facebook joke event titled Storm Area 51, They Cant Stop All of Us got out of hand. Assuming anyone is stupid enough to turn up its due to take place on Friday, 20 September.

The Traveller skin is reminiscent of Monster, Inc. character Mike Wazowski, as it features a green suit with one big eye, but it also has two 51 logos slapped on it. The suit does have horns, which Mike does not, but the resemblance is still uncanny.

Encrypted "Traveler" skin!

Likely will be released September 20th for the Area 51 meme!


Credit: @s1l0x

— s1l0x (@s1l0x) September 17, 2019



For extra laughs, the suit is wearing a high-security ankle bracelet, to indicate it escaped from the famous Area 51.

That is not the only skin s1l0x found though, with the second one being a female version of Valentines Day Love Ranger, who returns with some awesome looking wings.

Encrypted Female Cupid Skin & Backbling!


Credit: @s1l0x

— s1l0x (@s1l0x)