FIFA 20 Ultimate Team rare Icons will be easier to acquire says EA

Hazard and Virgil van Dijk on the FIFA 20 front covers

Do you think youll be lucky to get one of these two in your first set of cards? (Picture: EA Sports)

Loot boxes have been part of FIFA for years and have made getting the rarest players a real nightmare, but EA claim that will change in FIFA 20.

Icons were introduced in Ultimate Team in FIFA 18, and to get the cards you wanted the odds were always stacked massively against you.

To get the likes of Ronaldo and Patrick Vieira, who were among the most desirable Icons in FIFA 19, it meant having to spend substantial real money on loot boxes for any chance of receiving them, unless you were really lucky.

Another issue was that bad players, or players that were very common, would sell for frustratingly high prices on the in-game auction house – as they were needed for squad-building challenges that reward you with better Icons.

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To make things easier for gamers, EA says its going to stagger the release of the Icon packs – so four separate versions of the 89 FIFA Ultimate Team Icon cards will be made, instead of everything coming out at once. The worst Icons will be out first, with each release getting better and better until the elites are released last.

The first pack made available will be Base Icons and these are available from this week and until around mid-December. Mid-range Icons will also be available from this Thursday and until mid-February 2020.

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Prime Icons arent available until mid-December and will last until the end of FIFA Ultimate Clubs 2020 lifespan, while Moment Icons are not set to be released until February 2020 – and like Prime Icons will last until FIFA Ultimate Clubs ends.

This should hopefully alleviate some of the issues players had with previous FIFA titles, and make it easier to get the individual cards they want. The best cards are not going to appear in the game until half a year into FIFA 20s life though, which means greater variety in squad building is needed because your team can always be upgraded.

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