Epic Games Store paid £8.38 million for Control exclusivity

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After signing up dozens of titles as Epic Games Store exclusives we finally know exactly how much it costs to prize a game away from Steam.

The controversy over Epic Games signing up PC games so that they only appear on their store, and not Steam, has been going on for months and has seen some truly disgusting behaviour from gamers – and some less than sensible comments from Epic themselves.

But up until now its never been clear exactly how much Epic Games is paying for the deals, especially as the games they sign-up can range from small indie titles to major releases.

However, games analyst Daniel Ahmad has spotted that the parent company of Control publisher 505 Games received a payment of €9.49 million (£8.38m) from Epic Games, and although the companys financial results (warning: .PDF) dont say specifically what its for there doesnt seem to be anything else it could be.

Digital Bros, parent company of 505 Games, has disclosed that they received a payment of 9.49 million euro from Epic Games for Control.

Which I would imagine is for exclusivity.

55% of that payment going to 505 Games.

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— Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) September 20, 2019



The figure is extra interesting because, unlike most games, we do know roughly what the budget of Control was, with developer Remedy quoting a figure of between €20 to €30 million (£17.7m to £26.5m) only last month.

As you can see, thats a sizeable chunk off the budget paid off in just one go, especially as none of it takes into account sales of the console versions.

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How much Epic Games (who also make Fortnite, if youre wondering where all the money is coming from) is paying for other exclusivity deals is unknown, but if its always around a third of the budget then its no wonder most developers are happy to say yes.

As for Control itself, despite generally positive reviews it seems to have underperformed, but by being an Epic Games Store exclusiRead More – Source