Borderlands 3 Shift Codes guide – how to get golden keys, VIP Codes, and rewards

Borderlands 3 screenshot

Borderlands 3 – the key to victory is golden

If you want the best loot in Borderlands 3 you need golden keys and if you want golden keys you need Shift codes, so heres how to get them.

Borderlands 3 has just launched and that means gamers around the world are now in a mad dash for loot. But there are ways to snag the best weapons and equipment without having to take on a legion of psychos, as long as you know where to get Shift codes from…

What are Shift codes?

SHiFT codes are a 25-charcter long sequence of numbers and letters that can be used to unlock limited time offers within Boderlands 3 – usually golden keys but they can also be skins, weapons, and other character equipment. The codes dont exist within the game but are usually given out via social media and websites. Youll also need to sign-up here, at the Shift website, to use them.



What are Golden keys?

Golden keys are used to open golden chests within Borderlands 3, which then give you a random reward (a loot box, in other words, although you dont pay for it). They usually contain weapons, armour, and mods at anything up to the legendary level of rarity. The main way to get golden keys is either via Shift codes or the VIP Rewards programme.


How to get Shift codes

The most reliable way to get Shift codes is by following the Twitter accounts of 2K, Gearbox, Borderlands, and as many Gearbox employees as you can find – such as boss Randy Pitchford or writers Randy Varnell, Danny Homan, Sam Winkler. Theres no guarantee if and when theyll give out codes but, particularly at launch, theyre likely to be pretty generous.

How to get VIP Points and VIP Rewards

Youll have to sign up to receive VIP Rewards separately, which you can do from the VIP Insider website here. Youll have to have a Shift account first and then connect the two together. A golden key costs 1,500 VIP points and you get points just for doing things like linking a 2K or Twitch account or taking a survey.

Like Shift codes, VIP codes are also sometimes given out by 2K or Gearbox, which you can then redeem at the VIP Insider website. The codes below worked before launch, but whether theyll still work afterwards remains to be seen.

Other VIP rewards include cosmetics, wallpaper, weapons and equipment but its the keys most people will be interested.



VIP codes list

JABBER (1,000 Points)
ITSHERE (1,000 Points)
UNBLINKINGEYE (1,000 Points)
ALMOSTTHERE (1,000 Points)
EARLYACCESS (500 Points)
HALVERHAHN (500 Points)
PIETSMIET-BL3LAUNCH (200 Read More – Source