A raw vegan influencer is trying to make lettucetti a thing and people are outraged

Behold lettucetti (Picture: Ullenka Kash)

First the foodie influencers attempted to replace pasta with courgetti, and we, as a society, allowed this.

Supermarkets began selling their own shredded courgette next to their fresh tagliatelle. Restaurants offered a courgetti swap for anyone cutting carbs.

Courgette is not pasta. We know this. And yet we let courgetti happen.

So is it any wonder that another food influencer has decided to make lettucetti a thing?

Lettucetti is the creation of Ullenka Kash, a health coach, mum, and influencer with more than 126,000 followers on Instagram. Ullenka only eats raw fruit and veg – nothing else – and lettucetti is one of her many raw vegan versions of popular meals.

As the name probably gives away, lettucetti is just… shredded lettuce. Top that with sauce (a raw, meat-free and dairy-free sauce, to be clear) and its a tiny bit like spaghetti bolognese… apparently.

A variation on Ullenkas raw, vegan spag bol (Picture: Ullenka Kash)

Ullenka shared this creation on Instagram, where it was swiftly slammed by people who took offence to the YouTuber referring to the dish as Raw Vegan Lettuce Spaghetti ala Bolognese.



One woman wrote: This. Is. A. Salad.

Another commented said: This is a war declaration against all Italian culture and everything pasta represents for us.

The comments section of the Instagram post also features a lot of angry Italian and vomit face emoji. Of course.

Despite the backlash, Ullenka continues to refer to her shredded salad leaves as lettucetti and the variations of raw mushroom paste as a bolognese sauce.

But she tells she is not trying to replace pasta with lettuce.

Ullenka kash eating lettucetti
Ullenka eating lettucetti (Picture: Ullenka Kash)

I am making a lot of raw vegan versions of popular foods, to make familiar whats unfamiliar, Ullenka tells us. To follow high raw vegan lifestyle successfully, youve got to get a bit creative, with your dinners especially.

Eating chopped lettuce topped with chopped tomatoes every day seemed not satisfying enough.

I started to make lettuce rolls, lettuce sushi etc. Lettuce became my base for many different meals. I discovered how many things I can actually do with it!

One day I wanted something quick and filling, so just decided to blend all of my add-ons and make it very simple – just lettuce and sauce.

Since I cut lettuce into stripes, it reminded me a lot of a spaghetti! So I started to call it spaghetti salad or lettucetti or bolognese salad etc.

Lettucetti is just shredded lettuce topped with a raw vegan 'sauce'
Lettucetti is just shredded lettuce topped with a raw vegan sauce (Picture: Ullenka Kash)

I am not Italian and spaghetti for me is a symbol of pasta with sauce, something that you can spin on fork and enjoy a tasty bite easily.



Ullenka explains that her version of spaghetti bolognese isnt supposed to taste like spaghetti bolognese. It does remind her of the dish, though.

For someone who doesnt eat meat, who doesnt eat typical vegan cooked food, it does taste Italian, Mediterranean and has the saucy satisfying taste, she explains. I made this recipe very spontaneously, without the intention for it to taste exactly like a Bolognese sauce does.

Since all the outrage, however, Ullenka says shes working on making her sauce taste more like the original.

While she claims lettucetti isnt a replacement for pasta, she does suggest people try it when craving spag bol on a raw vegan diet.

Ullenka kash eating raw vegan version of spaghetti bolognese
Ullenka and her family have been following a raw vegan diet for five years (Picture: Ullenka Kash)

I used to love it and I just cant (dont want to) eat regular spaghetti, Ullenka tells us I remember how heavy in the stomach spaghetti feels. Well, this is not happening with my version of it.

I can eat any amount that I want and keep a flat stomach and great energy.

Ullenka has served the meal to her friends and family, who she says absolutely love it. Shes been feeding her children a raw vegan diet in 2014, claiming that meals of chopped vegetables and entire watermelons have healed her daughters eczema and her sons autism.

As youd expect for someone who believes a raw vegan diet can heal autism (a claim with no scientific backing and that suggests autism is something to be cured), the case of lettucetti is not the first time Ullenka has been criticised online.

After claiming to have treated her daughters eczema and sons autism with a fruitarian diet, Ullenka began to share recipes and guides online before writing an eBook, The Fruit Cure, and offering fans a Healing Program to help them make the transition to an entire raw diet.

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