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Istanbul bar owners braced for English soccer fans

While city authorities have been implementing security and crowd control measures, bar owners have been making their own careful preparations. "We are keeping a lot of stock of beer. We are of course happy about that," Dogan Ozdemir, a 40-year-old bar owner in Beyoglu, the main nightlife district of Istanbul, told CNN Sport.He doesn't want a repeat of 2005 when in what is dubbed "the Miracle of Istanbul," Liverpool came back from a three-goal deficit to nab the Champions League title from AC Milan, winning 4-3 on penalties.Liverpool fans celebrated in bars and pubs until the morning after that famous win milking the alcohol stocks in the main commercial district of Istanbul dry."We started selling whatever we had left at that point — we ran out of beer, we gave them whiskey, we ran out of that we gave them vodka, we ran out of vodka, we gave them gin and finally they were drinking raki," said Dogan referring to the Turkish anise flavored spirit.Liverpool have reportedly taken 5,973 tickets for the final, while Chelsea asked for 1,314 at Besiktas's 41,000 capacity stadium.READ: Stéphanie Frappart will be first female ref to take charge of a major UEFA men's finalREAD: History repeats itself as Liverpool opens title campaign with easy winIstanbul authorities are deploying a number of security measures for Wednesday's final.

Security measures

The Liverpool sign is up at Dogan's bar and the bartenders will be serving in Liverpool jerseys.Dogan has been a Liverpool fan since the 2005 win and later the transfer of Dirk Kuyt from Liverpool to Fenerbahce. But that's not the only reason he is getting ready to host Liverpool fans.As a part of the security measures city for Wednesday's final, authorities have designated the main nightlife neighborhoods of Beyoglu and Besiktas between Liverpool and Chelsea fans respectively. And smack dab in the middle is the Vodafone Park Arena where the game will be played.READ: Chelsea humbled by Manchester United on Premier League opening weekendSpecial force police officers patrol in front of Besiktas' Vodafone Park stadium on August 10.The Istanbul governorship has issued a statement detailing the security measures to be implemented including cutting traffic in the main arteries leading up to and around the stadium and the adjacent neighborhoods.The city has also deployed rapid emergency response teams in positions throughout the city, while a crisis desk has been set up.The security measures will be supported by helicopters in the air, boats and divers in the sea and special forces on land if needed, the Istanbul governorship said in the statement.Across the stadium in the neighborhood of Besiktas that is home to the team of the same name pub manager Cem Duran is also stocking up, doubling his orders in anticipation of brisk sales.He says he is happy to see the neighborhood designated for Chelsea."Liverpool scored eight goals against Besiktas a few years ago so I support Chelsea," he said referring to the 8-0 whopping delivered against the Besiktas football club in a 2007 Champions League game. But there is one plRead More – Source