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Id like to add my thoughts on the recent topic of a Sega Saturn Mini release. Im glad GC said it, and I echo those thoughts entirely, regarding Saturns poor handling of 3D graphics. I believe the machine was originally intended to be a SNES killer, hence Segas concentration on 2D effects which the Saturn achieved in leaps and bounds. It seems competing with Sonys PS1 was an afterthought, and strapping two 2D GPUs together (if my memory serves me well) was just plain inadequate and typical of Segas mentality circa the Mega CD, 32X, and Nomad debacle.

I was hyped for the Saturn, as many were, but unfortunately unable to afford the astronomical price tag at launch. But regardless of that, to see games like Daytona USA and Sega Rally materialise in front of my eyes due to poor pop-up of polygons and pop-in of textures was just inexcusable as far as Im concerned. Very poor conversions on the Saturn; the Dreamcast equivalents can testify to this great conversions, still not arcade perfect but still, a whole generation later.

I think where the classic mini consoles have succeeded speaks volumes, games that have stood the test of time are games that arent afraid to look like games. Maybe thats a mass generalisation, however, personally, I think the industry got too big for its boots in a hurry.

My body was ready but the Saturns wasnt and in an ironic twist of fate, instead of riding the rings of Saturn we witnessed Sonys PS1 running rings around it. Although Read More – Source