Class action lawsuit filed against Nintendo for Joy-Con drift

Are your Joy-Cons starting to drift?

Are your Joy-Cons starting to drift?

Complaints about faulty Nintendo Switch controllers has reached such a volume that a lawsuit has begun in America.

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When the Switch first came out there was a relatively common problem with Joy-Cons becoming de-synced with the console. It only seemed to affect the first wave of hardware and with Nintendo offering repairs the issue was quickly was forgotten.

But this has nothing to do with that. For some reason the question of Joy-Con drift has become more and more common in recent months, where the analogue controller on the left Joy-Con acts as if its still moving even when youre not touching it.

Various fixes have been suggested by fans, but Nintendo has been worryingly quiet on the subject, which has led to a class action lawsuit being filed.

A class action lawsuit is one which anyone thats suffering the same problem (and is American) can join, with law firm Chimicles, Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith (CSK&D) initiating the action.



You can read the whole filing here, with the law firm stating that the complaint has been, filed on behalf of purchasers of Switches and Joy-Con controllers, brings claims under various consumer protection statutes as well as various warranty and common law claims.

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