Benidorm water park unveils one of the biggest slides in the world – and it’s terrifying

MAKING A SPLASH: Thrill-seekers can't stop talking about Benidorm's new water slide (Pic: AQUALANDIA)

Benidorm is one of Britains favourite holiday destinations.

If sun, sea and sand werent enough to pull tourists to the Spanish hotspot, this new attraction could do the trick.

One of the worlds largest slides has opened in the Alicantes water park – Aqualandia.

The 200m Cyclon is likely to draw in thrill-seekers from around the globe.

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Aqualandias new slide – the Cyclon – measures 200m in length and 20m in diameter.

The ride is said to have the same feel as zero gravity attractions due to its twists, turns and “vortex” at the end.

Anyone who dares to go down it will whizz down a 36 metre slope on a four-seat raft.

Water carriages whoosh through the funnel at speeds of up to 27mph.

Travelling down this distance is the equivalent to sliding from a 12-story building.

cyclon water slide benidorm

LICENSE TO THRILL: The towering slide looks absolutely terrifying (Pic: AQUALANDIA)

cyclon water slide benidorm

WATER JOURNEY: The ride is 200m long and 12 storeys high (Pic: AQUALANDIA)

While the Cyclon is vast in size, it isnt the tallest or longest water ride in the world.

According to the Guinness World Records, New Jersey is home to the lengthiest slide.

The Action Park attraction measures a vast 601m.

Meanwhile, the tallest slide can be found at Aguas Park Resort in Brazil.

The 49.9m ride is named Kilamanjaro – which is apt given that this is the highest mountain in Africa.

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