Games Inbox: Game of the generation, The Last Of Us Part II release date, and Dead Rising 5

Ive recently just beaten God Of War and while I enjoyed it, I was slightly disappointed given all the game of the year awards. The shallow combat, small number of enemies, and largely pointless role-playing element were all a knock against it I thought, even if everything else was pretty spectacular. And that got me to think what is the actual best game of the generation so far?

The way I see it there are three main contenders: The Witcher 3, Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, and Bloodborne. Im sure other people will nominate others and it feels kind of odd not to have Fortnite there, but while its enjoyable I wouldnt say its an amazing game. Its good, but its popularity is primarily due to the fact that its free.

I also admit that perhaps my three choices are biased to my own taste in games. But while theyre all single-player open world adventures I wouldnt necessary say thats my favourite type of game, I just genuinely think theyre the best. The Witcher 3 has fantastic storytelling and interaction, while the atmosphere and attention to detail in Bloodborne is just incredible – the level design may be the best in any game ever.

But I think I have to give it to Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. TRead More – Source