Tesco launches vegan sausage roll to compete with Greggs

The Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll landed earlier this year (Picture: Getty/ Rex)

Back in January, Greggs launched its, now iconic, vegan sausage roll. And everyone lost it.

There were critics, there were instant stans, Piers Morgan threw up in a bin. Its safe to say that people had opinions about this meat-free baked good.

Now Tesco has launched a meat-free sausage roll in a bid to keep up with the high street bakery.

Which is great news because Greggs version has proved so damn popular they are often sold out.

Tescos roll doesnt contain any meat or dairy, making it vegan. Instead, it features puff pastry filled with a soya-based Lincolnshire-style sausage seasoned with sage and onion.

The new savoury snack will be available from in-store bakeries from Easter Monday at a cost of 75p – cheaper than the Greggs vegan roll which will set you back £1.

a Greggs vegan sausage roll lays on a table
The Greggs Sausage Rolls can be hard to get hold of (Picture: Getty)

The move comes as increasing numbers of big food brands and restaurants work to make their menus more vegetarian and vegan friendly.



Burger King recently launched the meatless Impossible Whopper, which is vegetarian, but not vegan, and made from plant-based patties that aim to mimic the look, taste and feel of real meat.

Holland & Barrett have also launched three new vegan ice creams using coconut and avocado rather than dairy, in peanut butter, passion fruit and salted caramel flavours.

Up until now, Greggs had firmly established themselves as the kings of the meat-free sausage roll – we tried it and we loved it. But the time Read More – Source