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Pep Guardiola gives rousing speech to Manchester City players at training ground

Pep Guardiola gives rousing speech to Manchester City players at training ground
Guardiola congratulated his players and staff on their stellar season (Picture: YouTube / Man City)

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola got together all the clubs players and staff to give an emotional speech congratulating the club on their Premier League title win.

The new champions were crowned after rivals Manchester United surprisingly lost to West Brom on Sunday and the squad were given time off to celebrate at the start of the week.

And in training on Thursday, Guardiola was keen for his squad to come together for the first time and bask in their title win, giving a rousing and heartfelt speech in the canteen.

We could not celebrate together when we were champions because we were at home, Guardiolas speech began, which was filmed by Manchester City.

Maybe its the easiest speech I can do and at the same time its the most difficult one. Big congratulations because we are the champions. We are the best in England.


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So for all my staff, the people here, the laundry, everybody, I would like you to feel part of that. Always you speak about the managers and the players but its impossible to achieve what we have achieved without your unbelievable effort.

Of course we are absolutely here to help those guys and you know how outstanding they were. Its not just one game, you can lose one game, two games, but to be nine or 10 months, every single day, that is the most outstanding thing an athlete can show in their lives and with the people who surround them.

You create something unique in the locker room, the spirit and your friendships. Its impossible to achieve what you have achieved if you are not good human beings, if you are not good people, if you dont accept one another.

In the end what we have done is to be better than 19 teams. Nothing else. Its a lot but nothing else. But what you have done, every day, the staff take care of people here. So thats why you deserve all my respect.

What has happened will always be in my heart until the last day of my life, Im pretty sure of that. What I lived, what I felt this season, its something amazing.

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