Campaign will show womens importance to whisky

A campaign to show that women are a huge part of the Scotch whisky industry is underway.

The Malt Whisky Trail, based in Moray Speyside, has teamed up with #OurWhisky campaign to showcase the women of Malt Whisky Country.
Home to the worlds largest concentration of Scotch malt whisky distilleries, The Malt Whisky Trail is the worlds ultimate Scotch experience.

In conjunction with #OurWhisky, they set up to challenge perceptions of the stereotypical whisky drinker, and will together host an event as part of Spirit of Speyside Festival 2018.

Hosted at Dowans Hotel The Still bar, festival goers are invited to join an immersive tasting tour round the worlds largest concentration of whisky distilleries.

The Malt Whisky Trail looks to show it is a drink that men and women can enjoy

Visitors will learn about the women of Malt Whisky Country who make the whiskies you love, and the guardians of centuries of knowledge.

Co-founder of #OurWhisky Becky Paskin, was the first journalist to gain a General Certificate in Distillation with the Institute of Brewing and Distilling.

The tasting tour will take you on a journey through the nine sites from across The Malt Whisky Trail: Glenfiddich, Benromach, The Glenlivet, GlenMoray, GlenGrant, Speyside Cooperage, Dallas Dhu, Cardhu and Strathisla, challenging your taste buds and perceptions of the modern of a whisky drinker accompanied by a cheese and whisky pairing.

Becky said: Its ironic that so many people around the world consider whisky to be a “mans drink”, when in fact women have been instrumental in the production of whisky from the very beginning.

The Malt Whisky Trail in Speyside

Im excited to join the Malt Whisky Trail for this special tasting to not only celebrate some of the most influential women in whisky from across Speyside, but to also disprove any preconceptions that women cant enjoy a dram.

Spirit of Speyside Festival manager John Blyth said: The festival has long celebrated the link between women and whisky and has pioneered many events over the years both to acknowledge the role of women in the industry and to help shake of the outdated idea of whisky being a mans drink.

”Whether you are a connoisseur or a novice, the festival aims to show that Speysides whisky is there for everyone to enjoy. From exclusive behind the scenes distillery tours to nature walks in the landscape which is so critical to production, the festival really does offer something
for everyone no matter what their level of interest in our national drink.

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