Travel to Okinawa with your pet dog in cabin

Japan Airlines Co and Aeon Pet Co have announced the operation of a four-day tour package to Okinawa in March 2018, using a charter flight for customers who wish to fly with their pet dogs in the main cabin of the aircraft.

Over time, the carrier has received various comments from pet owners regarding the inability to travel as they are unable to leave their dogs at home.

In order to meet demands for pet-friendly travel services, the tour allows customers to carry dogs onboard while providing hotels where pets will be welcomed.

Hotel accommodations will be provided at Okinawa`s "Okuma Private Beach & Resort," which offers private beaches and a variety of marine activities. As a perk, all participants will receive a complimentary copy of the "Okinawa Guide Map" which will indicate locations that can accommodate dogs at their facilities.

The tour will be supervised by Aeon Pet, as the company provides extensive experience and knowledge regarding pet travel. An accompanying veterinarian will help support the tour and will care for the dogs' health, allowing owners to travel with peace of mind.

JAL and Aeon Pet will continue to challenge various activities to meet diverse requests from customers to support lifestyles of customers and their pets.

Tour Details

Date: Thursday, March 8 ~ Sunday, March 11, 2018 (3 Night/4 Day Tour)

Route: March 8 – Depart Tokyo (Narita) @ 9:00 / Arrive Okinawa (Naha) @ 12:10

March 11 – Depart Okinawa (Naha) @ 13:30 / Arrive Tokyo (Narita) @ 15:55

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 (165 Seats)

Hotel: Okuma Private Beach and Resort

  • Pet-friendly car rentals can be arranged

Ticket sales start December 21 (2 p.m. Japan time)

Reservations 050-3155-3325 (Hours 9:00-18:00)

(Open Dec 21 through Feb 22, 2018 – Except Dec 31, Jan 1-2)

Sample Tour Price for 4 Adults: 248,000 yen x 4 (includes pet charge)

Price includes breakfast x 3 days and 1 night dinner accommodation

  • Tour may be cancelled if participants do not reach 60 persons

  • Reservations accepted from 1 customer + 1 dog

  • An Aeon Pet veterinarian will accompany the tour and stay at the same hotel throughout the itinerary.

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