The Predator is now at large in Ghost Recon: Wildlands

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The Predator is now at large in Ghost Recon: Wildlands
Ghost Recon: Wildlands – beat the Predator and steal his hat

Ubisoft has added an unexpected movie cameo to Wildlands, in the form of the Predator from the classic ‘80s action flick.

He may usually play second fiddle to Aliens, but the Predator is making a good career for himself cameoing in video games. After guest appearances in the likes of Call Of Duty and Mortal Kombat, he’s now been added to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

This actually makes more sense than any of the other games, since roaming around a giant open world map with a squad of heavily armed soldiers is already the basic premise of the original ‘80s film.

Starting from today there’ll be a free Predator special challenge that’s playable either on your own or in four-player co-op. Just as it should be, it’s described as the most difficult challenge in the whole game.

If you manage to beat the Predator then you’ll get exclusives items including its mask (complete with Predator-o-vision) and 15 other new customisation items, including weapons and exclusive close combat moves.

We hope and expect that includes a way to recreate ‘that’ handshake from the movie.

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There’ll also be a Predator inspired PvP class for Ghost War, based around Arnie’s character Dutch from the movie. This will enable you to engage in ‘Battle Rage’ mode and, we can only assume, spout one-liners.

The new class is available through the Ghost War pass or general season pass, or by unlocking with prestige points.

All of which sounds pretty good, but it’s high time there was a decent dedicated Predator game.

There is a new movie reboot coming up, but so far no sign of a video game tie-in.

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