Santa Hat Pikachu available now in Pokémon GO

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Santa Hat Pikachu available now in Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO – getting into the Christmas spirit

Pokémon GO’s Christmas event has already started and it’s added a bunch of new Gen 3 pokémon and the return of Delibird.

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The unnamed event isn’t actually that Christmassy, beyond Pikachu with a hat on, but there are lots of new additions and freebies to take advantage of.

Santa Hat Pikachu (and Pichu) is available to catch in the wild, and isn’t that rare, but there’s also a general increase in the availability of Ice type pokémon.

That may include Delibird, who is one of the very few Gen 2 pokémon that’s not a permeant part of the game and which leaks suggest is part of this new event. The similarly Christmas-themed Stantler may also be involved.

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Can you name them all?

The most notable new addition doesn’t have anything to do with Christmas though, and revolves around new Water and Ice type pokémon from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire (aka Gen 3).

This includes 20 new pokémon such as Luvdisc, Sharpedo, Snorunt, Milotic, Wailord, Walrein, Relicanth, and the legendary pokémon Kyogre.

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The event started last night in the UK and will last until January 4. But only between today and Christmas Day you’ll also get a free one-use egg incubator every day, from the first pokéstop you visit.

And finally, there are special discounted shop bundles available that will include things like super incubators, lure Modules, premium raid passes, and star Pieces. They’ll be available all the way up to January 4 because, you know… money.

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