Rare reveal Sea Of Thieves progression system in new trailer

Rare reveal Sea Of Thieves progression system in new trailer
Sea Of Thieves has a promising progression system (Picture: Microsoft/Rare)

Rare have released details of the progression system for Sea Of Thieves, which places emphasis on gear over numbered stats.

Appearing in an official livestream, design director Mark Chapman pulled the curtain back on a system which revolves around taking quests from numerous trading companies, who will reward you with in-game money, customisations and distinct voyages.

They were keen to emphasize how there won’t be a level attached to your character, but your appearance and pirate commendations will signify to other players the quests and trading company you’ve most progressed with, giving you specific rewards depending on the voyages you’ve completed.

This system will apparently level the playing field so experienced players and newbies can team-up and take on quests together without barriers, with renowned pirates being given access to more challenging, rewarding quests which they can take whoever they like on.

These unlocks include customisations, which range from cosmetic items like clothes and beards, to new weapons and tools, with the end goal being to become the ‘Pirate Legend’.

They also showed some of the quests you’ll be undertaking, which include retrieving wildlife like chickens and snakes to take back to outposts in treacherous conditions.

Interestingly, all these items you retrieve on quests can be stolen by other players in the always-connected online world, in the hope of creating a mad free-for-all in the pirate spirit.

In a following Q&A about the game, they also stated how you can customise ships, and vote together among crew-members as to whether a player deserves to be sent to the brig.

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Rare however didn’t rule out micro-transactions being included in the game, but stated they wouldn’t affect the progression system with more details to be revealed at a later date.

It sounds incredibly open and potentially chaotic, but we’ll have to see whether Sea Of Thieves can offer a rewarding enough experience to warrant extended attention.

Sea Of Thieves will release on Xbox One and Windows 10 March 20.

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