PSX reveals MediEvil remaster, WipEout VR, and The Last Guardian VR

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PSX reveals MediEvil remaster, WipEout VR, and The Last Guardian VR
MediEvil – Sir Dan is back, and it’s all thanks to Crash Bandicoot

Sony’s final preview event of the year has shown plenty of commitment to VR, as well as the resurrection of an old PS1 favourite.

If you stayed up till 1.30am and beyond yesterday, to watch The Video Game Awards, you would’ve been rewarded with one of the most exciting preview events of the year. If you got up at 4am to watch this morning’s PSX event then… we hope you got back to sleep okay.

After Sony unveiled so much at the Paris Games Week, many already suspected they wouldn’t have much left in reserve for PSX, and that’s certainly proven to be the case. Although there were still a few notable revelations.


The biggest news of the night/morning was that Sony are bringing back PS1 era action adventure MediEvil. Although only via a 4K remaster, and not a new game. That seems rather odd considering that Sony only recently shut down original developer Guerrilla Cambridge (née Sony Cambridge Studio), so it’s a shame they won’t be involved.

It’s also not as if the series was ever that big, so you have to ask what’s the real reason for bringing it back? Sony actually made it very clear: the unexpected success of this year’s Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. Sony boss Shawn Layden described the remaster as a ‘proper, PS4-grade resurrection of the original MediEvil just in time for the game’s 20th anniversary’ but offered no more details.

WipEout Omega Collection

What other announcements there were focused only on adding VR to existing Sony games, but that’s fine as we can’t wait to try out this year’s remaster of WipEout HD Fury in virtual reality. The update will be free, available early next year, and will allow you to play every track and mode in the game (which is a lot) in VR.

Sony has also created three new ships just for the VR version, each of which has a unique cockpit view that works with head-tracking. The sound has also been remastered in full 3D audio. So that actually sounds really good, especially as it’s unusual to see a game with such an emphasis on speed being reworked for VR.

The Last Guardian

Given its usually slow pace, and all the gawking up at looming architecture, and monsters, The Last Guardian actually makes a lot of sense in VR. Which is good because it’s also getting a new VR version. Although it’s not for the full game and is just a 20 minute long free demo.

The good news though is that it’ll be out on Tuesday, December 12. According to Sony it’s meant merely as a ‘gift’ to PlayStation VR owners, and no longer version is currently planned. You don’t need to own the original game and it’s designed to work with just a normal DualShock 4 controller.

And… that was it really. God Of War, Dreams, Detroit: Beyond Human (now confirmed for spring 2018), and Death Stranding were shown again but were basically the same demos as before. Although PlayStation 4 designer Mark Cerny did mention that he’d played four or five hours of Death Stranding, and according to him the area in The Game Awards trailer is entirely playable. Although he never actually explained what it was about or what you do in the game.

There was also brief looks at other new PlayStation VR titles, such as Rainbow Six-esque Firewall: Zero Hour and Jupiter & Mars – which, since it involves dolphins, is going to have everyone making comparisons to Ecco The Dolphin. But apart from a new Monster Hunter: World trailer (remember that the beta is this weekend) that really was it.

Disrupted sleeping pattern aside there was still some interesting news at PSX, but it’s perhaps most notable for being the last major video game event of the year. That means, unless someone decides to do a surprise reveal for a single game, that there are now no more opportunities for new game announcements this year. So it’s a good job we already got plenty to look forward to…

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