Peach to begin Kushiro-Osaka (Kansai) service next summer

Peach Aviation Ltd will open a route between Kushiro and Osaka (Kansai) on Aug 1, 2018. One round-trip flight between Kushiro and Osaka (Kansai) is scheduled to be flown daily.

The opening of services on an east Hokkaido route will be the first for an LCC. East Hokkaido is home to Shiretoko, a UNESCO World Heritage, has four national parks, and is a place that boasts beautiful, magnificent rural landscapes, the great outdoors, and the finest food.

Peach said its opening of the route will offer many passengers both at home and abroad to make casual trips to east Hokkaido.

Peach Representative Director and CEO Shinichi Inoue said: “Next year will mark the 150th anniversary of the 'birth' of Hokkaido. Peach will establish a route that will connect Kushiro in east Hokkaido with Kansai Airport in this commemorative year. The opening of a Kushiro route will be a big step for east Hokkaido to become a tourism brand in Asia.. We will also make Shin-Chitose Airport a hub during FY2018 and are also considering opening routes within Hokkaido. We will make Hokkaodo a northern gateway to Japan, bring in many customers from within and outside Japan to Hokkaido, and extend efforts to promote regional revitalization in Hokkaido.”

Seat sales are scheduled to begin in late January , 2018.

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