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NHRC Meet With Amnesty International In Doha

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The National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) received today a delegation of Amnesty International,  on their second visit since the beginning of the blockade to learn about the latest developments in the humanitarian situation resulting from the blockade on Qatar. The delegation is scheduled to meet with some of those affected in various humanitarian aspects including violations of the right to family reunification, the right to practice religious rites, education, health, movement, residence and work.

During this visit, the delegation will meet with a number of Hajj and Umrah campaign officials to investigate the obstacles placed by the Saudi authorities in the face of the pilgrims of the State of Qatar and the difficulties resulting of the politicization of religious rites.

The officials of the National Human Rights Committee during the meeting with the delegation noted that the countries of the blockade continue to violate the rights of citizens and residents of Qatar and citizens of the GCC countries, Pointing out that there is a growing hate speech promoted by senior officials of various authorities in the countries of the blockade. Moreover, there are statements that spread terrorist contents threatening the stability and security of citizens and residents of Qatar, including the latest threat by some officials to bomb Al Jazeera channel.

The committee called for the urgent and practical action at the international level to put an end to these violations, which directly affected the lives of people in the Gulf region. The delegation was also provided with the latest statistics on violations of human rights due to the blockade and its developments, pointing out that these statistics are increasing continuously, which confirms that the blockade imposed on the State of Qatar directly targeted the peoples and violated their rights guaranteed by international human rights conventions. The meeting discussed ways of cooperating in the promotion of human rights.

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