Listen up because a Beyoncé-inspired beer is now a thing

Listen up because a Beyoncé-inspired beer is now a thing
(Picture: Lineup Brewing, Getty)

Find someone who says they don’t like Beyoncé and we’ll tell you they’re lying.

And fans (meaning everyone) are in for a treat because a Beyoncé-inspired beer now exists.

Yep, you heard correctly. A Beyoncé beer is now a REAL thing.

So who’s behind the genius drink we didn’t even realise we needed? Brooklyn-based Lineup Brewing, a female owned and operated independent brewery based in Brooklyn.

The can’s design features a matte black background and pink letters and looks similar to the self-titled Beyoncé 2013 album – so we’re pretty sure the icon would approve.

How did Lineup Brewing come up with the idea?

Well, Katarina Martinez, the head brewer and co-owner at Lineup, was forced to miss a Beyoncé concert on the same day she was brewing a concoction for an Oktoberfest party.

So she decided to pay homage to her this way.

‘I was terribly sad about it, so I decided to name it in her honour,’ she told Bon Appetit.

‘I’m also a Hispanic, woman-owned and operated business, so I really look up to her and the strength and empowerment she promotes with women.’

Too right.

The beer debuted in October 2016 but is making the rounds again, because Beyoncé related joy is timeless.

But before you try to get your mitts on it, don’t be too hasty. It’s only available in a few places in New York City.

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If you’re in the Big Apple this Christmas (or just fancy making the trip over there to get some of that beer), head to Pine Box Rock Shop, The Ginger Man, Beer Karma, and Malt and Mold for your fix.

We can’t promise you’ll get her dance moves though.

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