Joy Reid: ‘Obama Is Who We Hope We Are,’ ‘Trump Is Who We Fear We Are’

byPam Key28 Dec 20170

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” network host Joy Reid compared the presidencies of Barack Obama and Donald Trump by saying Obama was who “we hope we are” and that Trump was “who we fear we are.”

Reid said, “If you think of the presidency as a national avatar, Obama is who we hope we are, and Donald Trump is who we fear we are.”

She added,”Right that there’s something sort of, guttural, about Trumpism, where it’s like, playing to all of your base fears of other people, your anger, your rage, your neediness. The core of his need is the black hole inside of him, is kind of what America fears, the crass part of ourselves is becoming. Whereas Barack Obama is the emblem of what presidencies used to be, the Eisenhower model. The sort of you know, the sort of model of the presidency as aspirational…and above the fray.”

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