Hate, incitement struck Gulf Cup of Nations, FIFA suspends special committee

By Editorial Team, Asia Section

Zurich, (28/12/2017) – The Arab crisis in the Gulf region seems to hit several sectors, this time not the economy or political relations, but Sports, which meant to spread love between nation. The Gulf Countries Crisis (KSA, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates) with Qatar has struck regional sports tournament known as (Gulf Cup of Nations) 23rd Arabian Gulf Cup

The Gulf Cup organized in state of Kuwait between 22nd of December 2017 to 5th of January 2018.

The Tournament which started few days ago witnessed waves of hate and provocations not on the level of sport fans but even officials in the sports sector in countries which are in dispute with Qatar.  For example, some sports officials from UAE and KSA refused to speak in a press conference due to some Qatari news outlets logo which were doing their press work. Additionally, anti-Qatari chanting and hate was often repeated by fans of Bahrain, UAE and KSA.

Apparently, such hate was little bit changed since it was sponsored by Sports officials and representatives.

Our website (Plays Report Sports) has learned that Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has suspended the work of a special committee that was formed to look into the possibility of categorizing the “Gulf Cup of Nations” as an international tournament.  FIFA has already dispatched its special committee to Kuwait to observe the games.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino, “was impressed” at the start of the games by “both the numbers and diversity of the football-loving fans in attendance. comprising large numbers of children, fathers and mothers” yet this impression may have gone with the wind of hate by countries and their fans. Apparently, the impression of the Fifa has turned to be negative and the enthusiasm seem to fade away.

Plays Report Sports was also told by a senior FIFA person that various complaints were sent to the organization about what’s going on in the game in Kuwait. An independent organization called Fifa Ethics and Regulations Watch. The swiss based organization sent a complaint citing hate and abuse against Qatari players and fans. The organization told FIFA that hate and indictment is appalling and is affecting the goals of sports and its love and harmony message.

Social media has also been “showered” by message, banners and incitement against Qatari players. Indeed, these are alaruming news that affect sports in general.

Sergio Ramos, senior football analyst told Plays Report Sports that FIFA should be firm with any abusive behavior or hate sentiment. He further said that punitive measures and penalties must be taken against sports federations and fans of countries who are found to incite hate and abuse.




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