Half of all video game sales in the UK are on PS4

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Half of all video game sales in the UK are on PS4
The PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro – the UK’s favourite consoles

Sony’s dominance of the UK games market has been highlight in a new report, as EA are revealed to be the best-selling publisher.

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Proper console sales figures are never released in Europe or the US, but we do now have an idea of just what sort of lead Sony has in the UK.

Website has released a number of interesting figures detailing 2017 sales results in the UK, including the fact that 50.2% of all retail video game sales this year were on the PlayStation 4.

That compares to just 31.6% on the Xbox One, which, like the PlayStation 4, is about to hit its fourth Christmas on sale. The Nintendo Switch, which launched in March, is currently on 7.5%.

As ever with Chart-Track data, digital sales are not included (which is why the figure for PC is so low) but there seems no reason to imagine this would make any significant difference to the percentages for the consoles.

Sony are on top for another year (pic:
Sony are on top for another year (pic:

The figures cover up to December 11, so the impact of the Xbox One X on Christmas isn’t fully accounted for, but it certainly seems to suggest Sony has maintained its dominance for another year.

The whole article is interesting, but other highlights include EA being named as the number one publisher in the UK with 16.8% of all boxed sales, followed by Activision Blizzard on 15.6%, Nintendo on 11.2%, Ubisoft on 9.7%, and Sony on 8.3%.

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None of this is particularly surprising though, with the only relative shocker being Subway Surfers as the number one mobile download of the year – ahead of Pokémon GO at number two and Clash Of Clans at number four.

That’s despite a video called Clash Of Clans: Hog Rider 360 being the number one game-related YouTube trailer of 2017, well ahead of Super Mario Odyssey in second place.

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