Games Inbox: Video game hype obsession, Devil May Cry V anticipation, and God Of War vs. Thor

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Games Inbox: Are gamers too obsessed with the next big thing?
Do events like E3 put to much emphasis on future games?

The morning Inbox is losing faith with Bungie’s intentions for Destiny 2, as one reader enjoys being mean in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

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Daydreaming is free

So I’m writing this with the knowledge that when I get up in the morning there’ll probably be a ton of new game announcements/videos and a whole new cycle of hype to get excited about it. And I am excited about it, but I realise that I spend so much time thinking about what will come out next that I don’t worry enough about what’s out right now. I mean, I have a huge backlog of at least two dozen games and all I can think of is when more of them are going to coming out.

I’m assuming I’m not alone in this and I think it’s got something to do with not having time for games anymore. Being obsessed about what’s coming next is something I can fit into my daily routine: checking for news online, talking with friends about it, etc. But actually playing them properly? That’s something that often feels out of my control.

I can imagine player games better than I can actually find the time to do it for real. Which I imagine is also the appeal of Twitch streams and esports, if I had any interest in that. Not really complaining or calling anyone out, just pointing out that getting excited about a whole new batch of games is probably not the healthiest thing. And don’t start me on E3…
The Bishop

Seeing the future

I see that Capcom is bringing out a Devil May Cry HD Collection next year. I think that almost seals it on the Devil May Cry V rumours true. And if you use this in the morning Inbox maybe we’ll even know for sure by now (how is the future?)!

Although I do have concerns that the original creator is no longer involved I’m very excited to hear about the return of the ‘real’ Dante and I hope this will be another sign that Japanese creators are regaining their confidence and starting to make games that look and feel Japanese again.

Of course that won’t matter if it’s no good, but I’ve got to hope that with all this build up they’ve got some confidence in what they’re doing. Now to stop myself reading too much into the new Okami HD release…
Mercedes Ben

No change

So it looks like Bungie is about to go full evil when it comes to Destiny 2? Why am I not surprised? I don’t see any other way to read that job ad other than they are going to make Bright Engrams the way you upgrade in the future and that, as if I needed any other excuses, is where I just give up on the whole game.

The greed and short-sightedness of publisher is almost awe-inspiring, and I’d be genuinely worried for the future of gaming if it wasn’t so obvious that the whole loot box concept is going to crash and burn in spectacular fashion. Although, as usual, publishers seem to be the only ones that can’t see the problem. Although this one is a bit more serious than dumb release dates.

If this brings down EA I will be very happy, although somehow I doubt we’ll be so lucky. More likely they’ll just be injured, pretend to have changed their ways for a couple of years, and then be right back abusing whatever the rip-off technique is after loot boxes. They’ll never learn, they never do.

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The other Thor

Some interesting points the reader makes about what God Of War is actually going to be about. I would be very interested in the sort of thing they’re suggesting, but it seems very unlikely from such a dudebro of a game. If Sony do make it like that I’ll be very impressed.

I hope we get to see more of it this week (weekend? When is PSX exactly?) as I’m still not really clear on what the game’s like. Is it open world or is it more linear like the original games? There’s clearly a bit of open world to it but I’m sure I read it wasn’t one giant map like Horizon Zero Dawn.

Not that I mind either way really but for a game this important, that’s probably out quite soon, we know very little about it really. I always find Norse mythology fascinating too, so I’m really looking forward to it from that point of view. Curious to see if they’ll avoid having characters that are in the Thor movies too. It’s going be a bit weird if Thor and Loki are in it as bloodthirsty gods.

GC: PSX is on Saturday.

Pokémon Chronicles too

I think it probably got the review it deserved but I’m enjoying Xenoblade Chronicles 2 so far. The combat is pretty unusual and unique and I’m really loving exploring the game world, even if it does feel a bit like a poor man’s Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. Although I’ll tell you what it also feels like: Pokémon. Or at least kind of what I imagined a 3D Pokémon to be like.

Not only are there lots of creatures roaming around and doing their own thing but elemental abilities are a big thing and the random element with the Blades means you’ve got tons of different ones to chose from and level up however you want. Plus, the story and characters are rubbish, which is also like Pokémon!

I don’t know if that’s a coincidence or just a minor influence but I’d be totally happy with Monolithsoft having a crack at a real Pokémon game on Switch. I doubt that’s what happening with the announced one but maybe in the future? Or do we even know what the announced one is?

GC: Nothing is known at the moment. The early rumours were that it’s just a remaster of the 3DS game, but more recently there’s been the suggestion that it’s more substantial than that.

Market leader

The best news about those PlayStation 4 sales figures is that the PlayStation VR has now sold 2 million headsets, that’s as much as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive combined! I think most people have accepted the fact but I really do think Sony has been doing the right thing by VR. Sure, they haven’t got many big budget first party games but they’ve kept things trucking on and have had a hardware refresh and a fair amount of marketing.

I’ve played around with the other headsets and I think the PlayStation VR design is by far and away the best. They might be a little more technically advanced by Sony’s device looks cooler and is much more comfortable. I believe that’s Sony’s experience with hardware showing through and it’s little details like that which can win people over. It doesn’t matter how good things look if the first thing someone says when taking off is that it was digging into their head.

I still expect Microsoft to announce a VR/AR headset next year and I expect they’ll do better than the PC headsets too. You need a synergy here between software and hardware and that’s what consoles are best at.

The Legend of Egypt

RE: Assassin’s Creed Origins. I’m loving it, love the setting, love the exploration, love the tomb-raiding. Love the combat… even though the right bumper snapped off while I was hammering a hippo (and it’s now taped up like Jack Duckworth’s specs).

Love the vistas… the only thing is I would like a kite/glider because I keep jumping off pyramids and columns, à la Zelda and ending up desyncronised.
big boy bent (gamertag)

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Just a bit of fun

I’m currently playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and was amusing myself with my own obnoxious antics. Right at the start of the game there’s a dodgy-looking vendor who has set up a shop in a flat. He swears at you if you don’t buy anything so, after knocking him out and then reverting to my last save (standard), I realised I could pick up his own beer from the table in front of him and sell it to him. Hilarious.

This reminded me of a few other things I’ve done in the past purely to amuse myself. Playing Skyrim I’d often do a quest to retrieve, say, a sword that was explained to be a faux-Nordic family heirloom. On completion of the quest I’d inevitably be gifted the sword as a reward. I’d take a look at the sword and, if it was no better than what I had equipped, I would just toss it on the floor at the feet of the quest-giver. Or walk across the room, open the door, and simply toss it away. I’d giggle away to myself as I imagined the horrified gasps of everyone around as their priceless heirloom vanished into the night.

Playing The Witcher 3, if anyone was a bit rude to me I would punch them and laugh.

Does anyone else have any silly little things that they did solely to make themselves laugh? For example, I imagine everyone has, at least once, saved the game and then massacred everyone in Fallout 3’s Megaton? Or am I just revealing my own sadistic tendencies?

Inbox also-rans

That new GTA Online heist looks pretty good. I still think Rockstar are one of the best examples of how to do microtransactions/loot boxes right. I haven’t paid a penny for anything in the game and yet the amount of content is great.

I was wondering if Rockstar were going to update GTA V for Windows 10 support? I bought the game for PC but can no longer play it having upgraded to Windows 10. I am sure there are many in the same boat. I hope the Inbox magic can work its wonders. It is strange since GTA IV runs fine on Windows 10.

GC: Have you tried Rockstar support?

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What could happen to the franchise that would reignite your interest and are there any examples where you’ve gone off a series before but come back to it later with renewed interest?

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